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About US

In 1998, Private Reserve Ink was founded in the workroom of Avalon Jewelers / Gallery in Zionsville, IN, as an addition to the fountain pen department. The vision was simple: "Why not have fountain pen ink in a rainbow of colors to expand the bounds of writing beyond standard black, blue, green and red." This vision was embraced and pioneered -- no other company had ever produced such an array of colors. . . Until then.


As a totally artisian ink company, our ink is carefully poured, labeled, boxed and shipped by hand -- holding true to our original vision and customer service values, and putting our energy into production of the best quality inks. Therefore, our packaging and marketing remain simple and straight forward.

Today, Private Reserve Ink offers 50 unique colors across a revolutionary spectrum for our customers. Our products spanning bottled and cartridge fountain pen ink, ballpoint and roller ball refills, and ink mixing kits combine to provide a comprehensive product line.

Private Reserve Ink - We originatedm now we are imitated.

Also from Private Reserve - Ink Cartridges

Private Reserve Ink is now available in standard (universal or international) cartridges -- packaged in a unique plastic recloseable case containing 12 cartridges:







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Private Reserve Ink Colors


Why Private Reserve Ink?

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Private Reserve Ink offers refills on most pens



Private Reserve Fountain Pen Inks are among the best inks available today; purchase from one of our many dealers. We think you'll be happy you did.

New: PRI Highlights

Now available in 53 colors:

Daphne Blue

Shoreline Gold
Purple Mojo
Chocolat *
DC Supershow Green
Shell Pink
Velvet Black Lake Placid Blue Naples Blue
Sherwood Green * Copper Burst

Orange Crush

Tanzanite * Plum Fiesta Red
Buttercup Spearmint Avacado
Vampire Red Gray Flannel Tropical Blue
Black Cherry Sonic Blue DC Supershow Blue
Sepia Burgundy Mist Black Magic Blue
Dakota Red Cadillac Green Chartreuse (highlighter)
Claret Cosmic Cobalt DC Super Violet
Ebony Blue Ebony Brown Ebony Green
Ebony Purple Electric DC Blue Foam Green
Purple Haze Rose Rage Ultra Black Fast Dry *
Invincible Blue Invincible Black  

* Denotes fast dry colors


Bottled Ink from Private Reserve
66 ml bottle

DC Super Show Green
Purple Mojo

Electric DC Blue


Tropical Blue



  • Now in 53 colors
    Click here for color selection
  • neutral ph.
  • excellent coverage
  • smooth flow
  • vibrant colors
  • non-clogging
  • fast drying
  • classic deco bottle design
  • 66 ml bottle - $11.00
  • made in USA

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Private Reserve Ink Mixing Kit

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